Garden Rubbish Collection

As you know we have recently experienced some major problems with the Collection of rubbish and especially with garden rubbish.

It would seem that this is due to the fact that the town hall has now decided to put in place the system of which they inform you last year (the green leaflet) in order to guarantee greater efficiency in the collection of rubbish.

As per this new system, garden rubbish should be placed in closed bags when possible (the branches of the palm tree do not have to go in plastic bags) and deposited into the special containers to avoid smells and mess. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD GARDEN RUBBISH BE LEFT ON THE STREET AS THE COMMUNITY COULD BE FINED (we are talking of fines from 1.000€ to 3.000€ if not more).

You will remember that the Costa was split into 3 zones with a timetable for the collection. (Please see below)

The pruning collection will now be as per the leaflet schedule, which means that you will only be authorised to leave up to 1.000L pruning on the pavement in rubbish bags. You can only deposit your garden rubbish on the pavement the day prior to the scheduled collection day of your zone, and you will have to inform the town council the day before collection that you have left pruning there.

If your pruning exceeds the authorised 1.000L, then you will have to take it to the special collection point at Calle Cabo Turinán in Lomas de Cabo Roig and will have to deposit it in the corresponding containers.

Thanks for your collaboration

Zone 1

Thursday and Friday

Mil Palmeras
Dehesa de Campoamor
La Regia
Sector B-2 Villapiedra
Cabo Roig
La Zenia 2
La Zenia
Pau 3
Playa Flamenca C.1
Punta Prima

Zone 2

Monday and Saturdays

Playa Flamenca
Las Piscinas
Los Chismosa
La Atalaya
Alamenda del Mar
1-2 Junto Nacional
Peri Hotelero
La Ciñuelica
R-2 Los Pinos
H.1 Villa Rosa
Los Altos
Los Balcones
Lago-Sol 0-1
Pau 9
Entre Lago-Sol y Chismosa
Pau 8

Zone 3

Tuesday and Wednesday

Lomas de Cabo-Roig
La Cuerda
Lomas de Don Juan
La Solana
Peri.La Solana
Pau 4
El Canal
Las Ramblas
Pau 1
Villa Costa
Lomas de Campoamor
Las Filipinas
T-2 ampliacion Las Philipinas
Las Philipinas
El Barranco


Latest News

Helene Akerman - Presidenta CLARO

Dear All,
Let me introduce myself a bit, as a picture doesn’t always tell the story.
My name is Helene Akerman; I am Swedish but lived in England for many years. I am a mother of two boys, speak 4 languages and came here to Orihuela Costa in 2013 to do my placement year abroad while studying for a BA Honors in Spanish and French. I fell in love with the place but was appalled at how disregarded and neglected this beautiful area was.
I joined CLARO in 2014 and was on their candidate list as no 12, but unfortunately at that time it wasn’t to be and we fell short of 30 votes to get a representative in the Orihuela Town Hall.  
I am now the first female president of CLARO and I am on a mission. In simple terms, little to nothing has changed in Orihuela Costa in the last 4 years. Basic services are not up to standard i.e. roads and general maintenance and rubbish collection, (SUMA tax) in a neglectful state, Public services like CDM being given to private contractors putting extortionate prices not within affordability for young families and pensioners, still no Emergency Centre, no police service, fire and ambulance service appropriate for the amount of people that live here, multicultural auditorium etc.. the list goes on and on. 
More than anything, I’d like to encourage people who can vote to do so.. it’s important and on a local level things can change with the right intentions. 
So, if you'd like, I’d be happy to come and speak to you? You can email me personally and I’d be happy to help. Help you with the voting process, help you answer any questions you might have etc.. I, like you, want to better this beautiful place we live in, and if I get the opportunity, I will do my best. 
My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., on Facebook you find me on CLARO (politico).
Please let me know if I can help, if you want me to come and have a brief talk about the issues that concern where you live. 
Kind regards, 
Helene Akerman
Presidenta CLARO

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Volunteers for work on the Urb Bosque de las lomas 2

Dear Residents of the Bosque 2 urbanisation as you are aware there are a lot of small jobs require attention around the urbanisation e.g. painting, concreting general repairs, we would like to know of any residents who would like to volunteer there time in trying to complete some of these repairs. All equipment and materials would be supplied by the urbanisation, if there is anyone who would like to volunteer please either contact myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any committee member.

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Diana García
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel 686033783

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Bus Timetable

Here are the bus time tables for the Zenia Boulevard to Centro Salud Route and back.

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